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Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup & Restoration Services

After a traumatic event such as a homicide or suicide, those left behind often need to deal with the aftermath. The only way to clean up such a scene is through sanitizing and recovering. Unfortunately, police and coroners cannot stay for long, and after they leave, the task falls to professionals. Illinois Velocity Restoration strictly adheres to strict regulations when cleaning homicide and suicide scenes.

Homicide and suicide scenes can be deeply painful for those left behind. When the police and coroner leave, we clean and recover areas to adhere to strict regulations. Our experts handle everything from homicide to suicide scenes.

That’s why we operate with certified technicians that provide expert crime scene cleanup services to the Chicago Area. Crime scenes are properly and discreetly disinfected, decontaminated, and disposed of by our technicians with a deep understanding of the emotional nature of these services. Blood borne pathogens are handled with care and we make sure to handle any trauma involved in these traumatic events.

We can help you clean up from a crime scene, from top to bottom. Once the area is completely devoid of blood and body fluids, we will restore it to its original state, handling any personal items with care and sensitivity. Using science-based protocols, we’ll not only contain and disinfect all dangerous biological material, but we’ll do so in a caring and discreet manner. You can focus on moving on from this horrible situation.