Illinois Velocity Restoration is a full service Fire, Flood and Mold restoration company. Serving Chicago, IL Area

Carpet Water Extraction & Removal

Water damage happens, but it doesn’t mean you have to replace your carpet. Illinois Velocity Restoration LLC. can bring your water damaged carpet back to life with their professional carpet drying services. Using air movers, dehumidifiers, and heated air movers, we dry the carpet, underlying padding, flooring, and any other affected surfaces which is important to prevent mold growth. We can also remove and replace the carpet’s padding if our professionals determine it is necessary. Our team uses a water claw in order to remove the maximum amount of water possible from both the carpet and the carpet padding. We will also treat damaged carpets for unsanitary conditions and take all necessary steps to ensure your carpet is dry, clean, and safe.

Carpet Removal

If the pad is damaged by water, we pull up the carpet and remove the damaged pad from underneath. This ensures that you don’t have lingering water creating a hospitable environment for dangerous microorganisms. During flooding and cleaning, carpet can wrinkle or bulge. Our skilled providers use power stretchers and knee-kickers to smooth your carpet out and make it neat and smooth.